Sometimes we are asked to just change the colors of the walls, because the new homeowner does not like them. Sometimes we are asked to paint a whole house gray, because it will look good to sell.  It is the times that we really get to transform someone’s space that makes me enjoy what we do.

This person bought a house in South Philadelphia and decided to a lot of work.  She removed wallpaper and drop ceilings.  The living room was left looking like this.

The plaster and doors were in such bad shape that she removed them all and had them replaced with drywall and new doors.  This is how we found the 2nd floor.

We were called in to repair the 1st floor ceiling, skim coat the long stairwell wall, and prime and paint the 2nd floor.

When we were done, the house looked like this:

The main walls were painted with Steely Gray, and the accent wall was Yam.  Both were Sherwin-Williams colors.  There were 4 doors on the 2nd floor and each was a different stunning color.  The homeowner provided the paints for them, and I did not take note of them.  I was fully surprised that these colors worked out to make an exciting house.


The people who bought this house in Mt. Airy wanted to take the classic look that it had and give it a modern twist.  They liked the old details, but wanted them more subdued and blended in.

The living room had the classic 2 toned look with the chair rail.

We painted the walls in Classic Grey with a matte finish, and applied a satin finish of the same color to the chair rail.  The trim was painted with White Dove.

The dining room received the same treatment, including the built-in hutch.  This room was painted in Elephant Gray.

It is difficult to see what we did with the 2nd floor hallway, but it also got the same modern treatment.  We painted the walls and trim with Edgecomb Gray.

You can see a little of what we did to the stairs above.  We sanded, primed, and painted the risers with Edgecomb Gray to add some division between the stairs.



This is the fourth time I was called to this house.  It was built in 1915 and has been owned by the same family since then.  The current owner is the granddaughter of the initial owner, and her son is already on the title to carry it on.

As a home improvement specialist, I know that houses go through massive transformations when they go up for sale.  This house has never been sold on the open market, so it does not change quickly.  It was time to change the master bedroom.

We took out the old wallpaper and wood paneling.  Then added drywall to the front wall and skim coated the other 3.  The doors also had the panels painted to match the wallpaper.  It was time to change that, too. After everything was primed and painted, it looked wonderful.