Three Recent Projects

Based on the timing of when we finish a project or other logistics, I cannot always get good photos of the projects we do. Following are small portions of three very different projects.

This first one was an extremely large project in Kensington. We removed the paneling and paper from the ceiling and walls of the entire house. Then we repaired all of the plaster and painted the entire thing. There were holes everywhere! It took us over 3 weeks to complete, and I only have this one area of the house.

This next one is a portion of a large project in one room of a condo in West Philadelphia. It had not been touched for 15 years. The old plaster was cracked and crumbling everywhere. We had to paint 6 old windows with many panes. Plus, the trim was beat up. The owner had us paint an accent on the trim inspired by another project we did in the same building.

This third project was in a house in South Philadelphia. The owners had a hard time selling it, because no one wanted to deal with the drop ceiling in the living room. We removed it and laminated the plaster with 3/8″ drywall. Then we painted everything in the room.


The owners of this house painted it themselves over 10 years ago shortly after they moved in.  Not only did their taste in color change, but the paint on the wood work was peeling almost everywhere.  They needed some professional help this time, so they brought us in to do the dirty work.

Their kitchen did not have much wall space, because of the many large windows, an exposed brick wall, and a built-in hutch.  We painted it all (except the bricks and windows).

It may have been difficult to see what we did in those photos, but we were in the kitchen for 3 days.  They had a pantry area and a 1/2 bathroom outside of the kitchen.  They chose Amalfi in a semi-gloss paint for the bathroom and Bunny Gray in a matte finish for the pantry area.

We had quite a bit of work to do in the dining room.  All of the trim work was weathered and peeling, especially in the skylight area.

We fixed all of the cracks and peeling paint.  Then we painted the top half of the walls with Morning Lake in a matte finish.  All of the trim and the lower half of the wall was painted with Pure White in a semi-gloss finish.

The trim in the living room was also a mess.  So, we fixed that and lightened up the room with  Cloud White in a matte finish.

We only painted one bedroom in the house.  The light in there was awful, so the trim looks yellow.  I assure you it is the same Pure White as the rest of the house.  The reflection from the Watermelon Red didn’t help the image capture from my old iPhone.

I am always pleased when we make such a stark transformation in someone’s house. The homeowner was impressed with our work, and so was I.

A Room In Fitler Sq

I occasionally get a call from the wonderful interior designers at Kaminski + Pew  to work on one of their projects.  They are doing a full interior design of this bedroom in the Fitler Square area of the city.  I usually come first, so I don’t get to see the final results, but this one is going to be great.

They are doing something different here.  We took this white room full of holes and cracks…

Then we added 2 gray tones.  The walls became the warm Agreeable Gray in a matte finish. All of the trim, doors, and woodwork became the darker and more beige Mindful Gray in a semi-gloss finish.

It is a stunning look that I’m sure will be complete with the new furniture and wall hangings.  I’m happy to be a part of this project.