A Big One In Kensington

I have to admit that when I get a call to do a job like this one, I get excited. I was asked to “de-wallpaper, fix minor cosmetic issues (a few settlement cracks, some minor water damage), and paint the house” before they moved in. After taking a look at the house, I knew that it was a tremendous amount of work and a huge project to take on. The timing worked out that my crew would do the majority of this work while I was on vacation in Scotland, but I fully trusted them to get it done properly. Despite it taking a bit longer than expected (due to overlapping vacations) and a few small hiccups along the way, it went extremely well.

We removed paper from every wall (and some ceilings), removed old and unnecessary chair rails, repaired all of the plaster damage, and painted the ceilings, walls, trim, and doors. I could go on and on about the details of this project, but I’ll let the before and after photos speak for themselves below.

Adding Style and Color

I received a call from someone in a 4 unit condo in South Philadelphia. We walked though his unit and talked about the details. Then he told me that his neighbor in the building also wanted a quote. So, we walked through his, as well. My initial contact person did not move forward with the work, but the neighbor did.

He had great taste in furniture and decorations, but the ceilings and walls were still contractor grade off-white. So, it was time to add some style and color.

There were two bedrooms, and he did both with Shiitake as the main color. He added Black Fox in the first bedroom below and Refuge in the second

He also chose some great bold accent colors with a nice main color in the living room and dining room. He used Essential Gray (a very common color these days) and the striking Brick Paver as the accent in 2 places. This red was full of pigment and was very difficult to apply, but we were able to do it with a careful touch.

It All Started with Air Conditioning

The new owners of this 1925 West Philadelphia house knew that they were going to install air conditioning before they moved in. They could not decide between the traditional duct work or the high velocity ductless methods. As you can see below, they chose the traditional method, because it was much cheaper. That freed up more money for us to paint their entire 4 bedroom house.

One of the features that they did not like was the trim work. It was either painted blue or unstained with a clear polyurethane. We painted the kitchen ceiling, walls, and trim. The walls were a neutral gray from Sherwin-Williams called Reflection. We used Ice Cube for the trim.

We used Reflection for most of the house, but they added an accent in the dining room. We used the very rich and dark Naval for this alcove

We basically cleaned and freshened up the living room with Reflection. We also added some crown molding that matched the dining room.

There were 4 bedrooms in this house. we painted the 3 that had the most need. The first bedroom was a simple color change. We used Faint Coral for their daughter’s room. Then we made the purple ceiling in their son’s room into white and added Salty Dog as an accent.

The 4th bedroom went from a pale green to Reflection.

Finally, I get to show you the air conditioner. It was installed in the hallway. So, we had to frame, drywall, and paint the hallway. It made for a low ceiling, but it was the right sacrifice for quality air conditioning.