You move into a house and get comfortable.  Things age and/or go wrong, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s your house, and you live there.  25 years go by and you realize that it’s time to do something about your house.  So, you call me.  We bring the fountain of youth.

It started with the exterior.  After 2 days of scraping, replacing rotten wood, priming, caulking, wood filling, and painting, life is returned to the basement windows and front door.

Then we moved into the bathroom.  Paint was peeling off the walls, and it was a drab white.  Sorry for the out of focus photo, but it still shows the difference.

The next project was the hallway and stairs.  We did the ceiling, walls, trim, risers, and treads

The most challenging section of this house was the kitchen.  There was an old leak in the ceiling, the walls were in bad shape, there was “new” drywall that needed to be re-coated with joint compound, and the kitchen cabinets were a mess. Wee took care of all of it.

We work in new construction to just add quality paint with color,  we just change the color as the homeowner redecorates,  we get a house ready for sale, we work for general contractors to finish their work, and sometimes we bring a house back to life.  This one was a great transformation.

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