The owners bought this South Philadelphia house recently, and had a vision of what it could be.  It was covered with c. 1970s wood paneling and shag carpets installed by the previous over of 40 years.  The current owners did a lot of work on their own to take down the paneling and run some new outlets.  They also refinished the floors.  Then, they figured out that it was time to hire professionals to.  We spent 2 weeks in this  house just working on the living room and stairwell.  Our task was to finish the room to make it modern, but fit in with the style of the house.

This first photo shows what the stairwell looked like when we got there.  The wood paneling was removed but the furring strips were still up.


We removed the furring strips and wallpaper, then repaired the walls.


After a skim coat of plaster on the walls, new drywall under the stairs, new baseboards, a custom radiator cover, and a few coats of paint, we have the finished look below.


Here is another angle of the stairwell.  In this one, you can also see the details on the stairs and some of the framing work we had to do on the left.

stairwell-a stairwell-b

The opposite side of the living room required quite a bit of work, too.  They had some high velocity air conditioner ducts run through the walls.  So we had to do some extra framing.  While we were doing that, we moved some framing around to make an alcove in the wall near the window

alcove-a n-wall-a

New drywall, baseboards, and a few coats of paint made this space much nicer.


We also modified their existing large window will while making a custom radiator cover with 2 shelves between them.  These photos did not turn out so great, because of the sunlight, but I’m sure you can see the difference.



This is another job that makes me particularly proud of my team.  This one is atypical of the regular work, but it is a prime example of our capabilities.

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